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Policies & Procedures

● To secure the required time for your shoot, payment of all invoices is mandatory at the

time of booking. Failure to pay the invoice will result in us being unable to confirm your

chosen time slot, and we will not add you to the schedule until the invoice is paid.

● A minimum of 24 hours' notice is necessary for any cancellation; otherwise, a

rescheduling fee of $50 will be imposed.

● If we reach the property and find it unprepared or inaccessible, a $150 reshoot fee will be

incurred for revisiting, and there will be no reimbursement for the initial invoice, as the

scheduled time was allocated for that specific shoot.

● Requests for refunds on canceled shoots will not be processed if submitted more than

30 days after the original invoice issue date.

● When scheduling your shoot, please keep in mind your time slot is a flexible window. We

aim to arrive within a 30-minute timeframe surrounding your preferred time, which may

be slightly before or after. While our usual practice is to arrive precisely at your

scheduled time, external factors may occasionally cause minor deviations.

● Monarca Media retains exclusive rights to all the photos and videos we produce. We

grant a usage license specifically to the individual or entity specified in the invoice for

each property.

● For rental properties and short-term rentals, all photos and videos captured for a

particular property or unit are exclusively licensed for that specific property or unit.

These images and videos should not be utilized to promote other properties or units that

are not explicitly mentioned in the original invoice.

● If you wish to emphasize any unique features of the property, kindly inform us in advance

to ensure their inclusion in the shoot. Neglecting to do so may result in the omission of

these specific images or videos.

● We make an effort to consider weather conditions when scheduling your shoot.

Nevertheless, in the event of rain or snow during the shoot, we cannot guarantee the

quantity or quality of exterior photos.

● Please ensure that all walkways are unobstructed. If there are any objects blocking the

path or if snow and ice haven't been cleared, we won't jeopardize our equipment to take

photos in that area.

● Monarca Media offers complimentary drone photography for all residential shoots.

However, if your property is situated in close proximity to an airport or falls within a

restricted airspace or a designated 'no-fly zone,' we are unable to conduct the

complimentary aerial photography.

● We do provide other services that involve Photoshop work, and there is an extra charge

for these services.

● We do not offer 'next day delivery' for your photos/videos on holidays. You will receive

your images/videos on the following business day.

● We do not provide “next day delivery” on Sundays. Any photos/videos captured on

Saturday will be delivered on Monday.

● If you wish to arrange a shoot beyond our standard business hours (which are available

on our Square site), an additional fee will apply

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