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Why Professional Listing Photos Are Important

Why? Well, because first impressions count. The agents who are winning more listings are the ones who are providing value to their clients. A home is one of the biggest investments many people make, and they are counting on you to market it to the best of your ability.

Why use a professional photographer?

A home's marketing is the most important piece of the selling puzzle and it will dramatically impact the buyers' opinion of the house and the sales price. Remember, great marketing leads to great offers. Once you have negotiated a commission percentage from your sellers, you need to show that you’re worth the demanded amount. When you order professional real estate photography for that listing, those images will promote your brand and who you are as a realtor.

Saves you time

You have too many hats as a realtor as it is. Adding the time to create quality listing content is no exception. Between taking the photos and editing them, it can take between 2 to more than 5 hours to create the amazing finished product that you display for your listing photos.


If you’re hesitant to hire a pro because of the cost, keep in mind that listings that have higher quality photos can mean higher asking prices. Besides, professional real estate photographers have specialized software and equipment that most people don’t have, allowing them to display a property so that it stands out for buyers at no additional cost to you.

How do I get my home ready?

When you schedule a shoot with Nadia Rivera Media, we will send you actionable steps to help you prepare your property for photo day. Having the items on this checklist completed will ensure that your listing will be ready before we arrive. All edits will be emailed to you the following morning before 10 am.

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